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4. Read our Rules in the pinned items and complete the registration form if you want to access our special private hub ✏️
5. Enjoy your experience and invite your contacts! You can earn 500€ for each person you invite that changes job through Jaguar28 😻
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What is Jaguar28?

Jaguar28 is a Made in Italy project which connects professionals and companies sharing a common view of the tech industry. Every month, members can enjoy exclusive benefits in a recruiter-free community and, if interested, get in touch with companies that respect our Manifesto.

Which benefits can I have by joining?

TECH2TECH CHAT: Members of Jaguar28 have the opportunity to give and receive technological support as well as share information and updates

TOP-TIER JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Jaguar28 allows each member to create exclusive contacts with companies that comply with our Manifesto and can offer great career options

500€ REWARDS: Members referring a friend who, at any time, changes job through Jaguar28 receive a 500€ reward: it is valid for each invited user, with no limit

AGENCY-FREE AREA: Headhunters, agencies or other intermediaries will never be allowed to join Jaguar28 as members speak always directly with corporate recruiters

How does the community work?

Once you have joined our community, you are free to do whatever you want as long as you respect our rules (you can find them amongst the pinned items)✌️ Feel free to post news about relevant topics, start discussions about technology and tell everybody about upcoming events: the staff from Jaguar28 act as "facilitators" but you are the real star of our community! 

The goal of our public channels is to provide our members with general discussions in an informal and pleasant environment.

How can I access the special hub with gifts, tech support and career opportunities?

In order to preserve our high quality standards, we created a special hub with gifts, tech support and career opportunities that is accessible only to the most active users. If you are interested in joining it, fill the form you find amongst the pinned items and keep bringing value to the community by participating to discussions and inviting your contacts to Jaguar28.

How can I apply for a job opening?

In the registration form we will ask some details about the technologies you love the most: if a job that matches your background comes available, the staff from Jaguar28 will notify you. If it fits your ambition, you can start a preferential recruiting process with the opportunity of being tutored during each step; otherwise you are free to decline the proposal with no hard feelings.

Each job post includes insights about the company, the role and the project as well as the person from Jaguar28 that manages it: contact him/her for further information.

How can I refer a friend to Jaguar28?

Inviting other people to join our community is the most important aspect of this project: you are free to invite as many contacts as you want, but please be sure they would be a plus for the rest of Jaguar28. To do so, you can invite them through Slack (top left menu > Invite people) or by sharing the link to our Join us page where your contact can fill the form with his/her email address.

Once your contact is in, ask to fill the registration form listed among the pinned items and to insert your name as the inviter

How can I get the 500€ rewards?

You receive a 500€ rewards every time a member that you invited changes jobs through Jaguar28. It has no limit: if 10 people change jobs, you get 5.000€. Each member is bound to his/her inviter indefinitely: you get the 500€ reward even if your contact changes job multiple times or if he/she changes years after his/her registration. At the moment, rewards are payed through Amazon Gift Cards that are sent once the member has successfully completed the probation period in the new company.

From time to time, the staff from Jaguar28 will update the community about the available positions so that you can invite targeted members.

I am not actively looking for a new job. Why should I join Jaguar28?

Most of our users are not actively looking for a job at the moment: however, they can still enjoy a recruiter-free space with the opportunity of discussing with other top professionals and earn extra money by referring contacts. Joining Jaguar28 as a passive talent is also a great way to receive regular updates on the job market and be ahead of the competition when you will finally decide for a change.

In both cases, you can always contact the staff from Jaguar28 to discuss about your situation in private: tech professionals love us also because we provide great advices on the day-by-day working life even when they are not interested in a new job. 

Why Slack?

Because we used this platform for our previous startup and we just love it. Also, nobody in the office will give a darn if you have Slack open in your browser while Facebook might cause some trouble: in the future we will probably build our own platform but, for the moment, we are fine with Slack.

If you don't know what Slack is, you can find here all the details: Product - Slack

For having Slack on your smartphone, you can download the official app for iOS or Android

Last but not least, if you are already using Slack you can add more teams by using this tutorial: Sign in to multiple Slack teams (this becomes fundamental if you want to be on Jaguar28 while at work!)