Jaguar28 rewrites the relation between companies and tech professionals.

Jaguar28 is a project that brings together tech professionals and companies that recognize themselves in the guidelines of our Manifesto, created to make structured, effective and transparent the encounter between these actors . Whoever enters Jaguar28 can get:
Tech2Tech Chat

Members of Jaguar28 have the opportunity to give and receive technological support as well as share information and updates.

Top-tier job opportunities

Jaguar28 allows each member to create exclusive contacts with companies that comply with our Manifesto and can offer great career options.


Members referring a friend who, at any time, changes job through Jaguar28 receive a 500€ reward: it is valid for each invited user, with no limit.

Agency-free Area

Headhunters, agencies or other intermediaries will never be allowed to join Jaguar28 as members speak always directly with corporate recruiters.

Our Mission

Since 2015 we help tech professionals to join startup and successful companies in Italy, Europe and the United States. We do not hide it: when we started we thought we could send nonsense emails to anyone who had written "Developer" on some social media regardless of the technologies used, the projects implemented and the gained seniority. Later we realized how much we became ourselves part of the problem instead of the solution.

So we started to think about new paradigms based on transparency and participation among us, professionals and companies. Above all, we have worked on the barriers that worsen the relation between these actors by enabling enterprises to improve the quality of their processes.

Today we work only with companies able to guarantee these standards and our Manifesto is the sum of what we want to continue to spread. Jaguar28 is the community for those who share this vision. It is not important if you cannot wait for a change of scenery or if you have changed jobs two days ago or if you have sworn eternal love to your current company: in Jaguar28 every talented professional is welcome.

Our team

Samuel Barbato
Samuel Barbato
Head of Community
I make sure that the gears within Jaguar28 are always well oiled and I deal with the relationship between professionals and companies. If you have feedback or suggestions to help us improve, write me!
Roberto Mossetto
Roberto Mossetto
Project Manager
I manage the launch of Jaguar28, coordinating internal and external actors. If you want to collaborate with us, as an individual or as a company, you can find my contact information below!
Why not?
We are always looking for smart people for Jaguar28 team. We don’t pay attention to degrees or years of experience, we are interested in mindset and ambition. Interested? Send us an email telling us why you want to work with us.

We are far away from the official launch but we want to give you the possibility to be already on board. You will join our Slack team where you will be guided through the first steps in our community.